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On-Demand XCache cluster

What's XCache

You can look at the official XrootD documentation for detailed information about the tool:

XCache components

Please find an overview description of the architecture in this presentation

Ansible deployment


  • Ansible 2.4
  • OS: Centos7
  • valid CMS /etc/vomses
  • Port: one open service port
  • Valid grid host certifate
  • Valid service certificate that is able to read from AAA (/etc/grid-security/xrd/xrdcert.pem, /etc/grid-security/xrd/xrdkey.pem)

Role Variables

BLOCK_SIZE: 512k # size of the file block used by the cache
CACHE_LOG_LEVEL: info # server log level
CACHE_PATH: /data/xrd # folder for cached files
CACHE_RAM_GB: 12 # amount of RAM for caching in GB. Suggested ~50% of the total
HI_WM: "0.9" # higher watermark of used fs space
LOW_WM: "0.8" # lower watermark of used fs space
N_PREFETCH: "0" # number of blocks to be prefetched
ORIGIN_HOST: origin # hostname or ip adrr of the origin server
ORIGIN_XRD_PORT: "1094" # xrootd port to contact origin on
REDIR_HOST: xcache-service # hostname or ip adrr of the cache redirector
REDIR_CMSD_PORT: "31213" # cmsd port of the cache redirector
metricbeat_polltime: 60s # polling time of the metricbeat sensor
metric_sitename: changeme # sitename to be displayed for monitoring
elk_endpoint: localhost:9000 # elasticsearch endpoint url
elastic_username: dodas # elasticsearch username
elastic_password: testpass # elasticsearch password

Example Playbook

- hosts: localhost
  remote_user: root
    - role: dciangot.xcache 

Deployment example: CMS XCache

Deployment with Docker

On-demand XCache docker image

Please find the Dockerfile in this repository here

To personalize and build your own image, just apply you changes in the Dockerfile and run:

docker build . -t my_image

Deploy a cluster with docker compose

If you want to try a demo deployment with docker compose, you can do it with the compose file here

Deployment on Kubernetes

Components recipe

Please take a look at the demonstration presented here. That will guide you through a step by step deployment of a cache cluster in K8s.

Deployment with Helm

helm init --upgrade
helm repo add  cloudpg
helm repo update
helm install cloudpg/cachingondemand

TOSCA description files for PaaS orchestration